Provides a full range of Forest Managment Services for the World Renowned Kaingaroa Forest Estate

TIMBERLANDS Limited is a highly focused and experienced forest management company who acts on behalf of the Kaingaroa Timberlands Partnership, owner of New Zealand’s largest crown jewel plantation forest, the 189,000 ha Kaingaroa Forest estate (situated in the centre of the North Island, New Zealand).

For information regarding Domestic and Export Log & Chip Sales please refer to the Log Sales section of our website.


Safety Warnings!

Kaingaroa Forest Estate is now OPEN but CAUTION is required...

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Forest now OPEN to Recreational Permit Holders...

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Timberlands mechanised harvesting in Kaingaroa forest

Significant Experience
in Managing Large & Complex  Forestry Operations

TIMBERLANDS Limited's main office is in Rotorua. Senior managers and key staff of the business  have significant experience in managing large and complex forestry operations. This, together with superior systems and resources, ensures delivery of optimal advice and expert management services to the forest owner, both on an operational and financial level.

For information regarding SAFETY WARNINGS &  GENERAL SAFETY INFORMATION please refer to our Safety & Risk section of our website.

For information regarding FOREST ACCESS  and CURRENT FOREST OPERATIONS, please refer to the Forest Access section of our website.

Recreational Access Permit Applications for the 2017 season are now open.  For further information please click here.


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